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Understanding The Effectiveness Of Articles In Google Rankings – Wellington SEO company

Wellington SEO companyLots of methods and techniques exist that will boost search engine rankings and increase website traffic. However, there really is no substitute for drafting and posting articles as one of the best tools for SEO (search engine optimisation) according to a Wellington SEO company.


  1. The writing of articles is especially effective for SEO due to the fact that it incorporates lots of key phrases and words specific to the desired niche. Once the best keywords have been identified, they are able to be utilized within articles. Articles that include the keywords can then be gathered up by major search engines and placed directly in front of those who search the Internet for those very keywords. This is ideal for achieving high rankings on search engine results pages.


  1. Using articles is a great way to achieve real longevity in terms of SEO. A Wellington SEO company says that every article that is written and submitted is going to be saved to the directories where they are placed. Thus, the articles that have been carefully crafted to achieve certain ends will be available to all and can continue to bring visitors to the desired website. The long-term effectiveness of this strategy stands in stark contrast to many other methods of boosting site traffic.


  1. Back links to your site can be developed by way of articles. This is useful in raising search rankings and subsequently bringing new traffic to the site. Articles of especially good quality can be put on a range of different websites, only growing the potential for back links. When a large number of links on other sites send readers to your site, the search engine rank is certain to improve.


  1. The cost effectiveness of articles is hard to beat. It is possible to write articles on your own or secure the services of a talented ghostwriter. Articles may be submitted manually, or they may be posted to directories with the help of automatic software. Using written articles to raise search rankings is usually not cost-prohibitive and is within the reach of just about everyone.

It is difficult to argue with the usefulness of writing and posting articles as a means to secure better search engine rankings for any website. Thus, there is no reason to delay in generating a larger volume of articles to be used in this manner.


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