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Auckland consumer affairs lawyer

What Rights Do You Have If You’ve Been Sold Defective Goods?


If a company has sold you defective goods, you’re probably feeling ripped off. You might feel like you don’t have any options. Thankfully, there are actually quite a few things you can do if you know what your rights are. Follow this guide if you’ve been sold defective goods. These tips for an Auckland consumer affairs lawyers might help.


Start By Asking For A Refund


If you haven’t asked for a refund, that should be the first step you take. In many cases, companies will be more than happy to provide a refund to you. Let the company know that you are not happy with the items they have sent you. Ask them if they will give you your money back.


In some cases, the company will present another solution to you. For example, they may suggest that you return the product that they have sent you so that they can exchange it. They might also offer to send you a new item. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to accept this offer. If you want a refund, you shouldn’t be afraid to push for that.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For More


If you want more than a refund, you are well within your rights to request that. A company that prioritizes customer service will work hard to make sure you are happy.


A company might be willing to give you a coupon towards your next purchase. They may even be willing to send you free goods. Don’t be afraid to ask for more if you’re not satisfied with what the company has done for you. Remember, they can’t do anything more than tell you no.


Escalate If You Don’t Get The Response That You’re Looking For


Auckland consumer affairs lawyerIf you are refused a refund, you should escalate the situation. Tell the company that you are going to be contacting the Better Business Bureau if they don’t make things right with you. You should also threaten to write a negative review.


In this day and age, negative reviews can be extremely damaging. Because of this, a lot of companies will work hard to avoid them. In many cases, threatening to escalate the situation will get you the resolution you’ve been working towards.


Taking Legal Action


If you placed a very large order, and the goods you were sent were defective, you might want to take legal action by looking for Auckland consumer affairs lawyers. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you might want to take things to small claims court.


If you have a strong case, you will probably be able to secure a settlement from the company that sold you defective goods. While it will take time to resolve your case, you’ll be satisfied with the outcome in the end. Taking things to court might be the best option if you place a large order.


You shouldn’t be frustrated if you have been sold defective goods. Instead, you should focus on finding a solution to the problem. The tips above will help you to decide what you should do if someone has sold defective goods to you.


Legal action is the last resort but do make sure you take advantage of your rights as a consumer. If you do need help from one of Auckland consumer affairs lawyers, try this site for assistance