The Unique Romance of Diamond Engagement Rings

The Unique Romance of Diamond Engagement Rings


When you speak to people about diamond engagement rings there are various emotions that will be associated with these precious gems. These emotions will include among many things, intrigue, romance, and passion. Indeed, these three feelings are used as the basis for many romantic novels and movies over the years. They have been used throughout history to create thoughts and ideas in the minds of storytellers and listeners alike. These days, a man certainly needs more than a little passion if he is going to spend thousands of dollars on a single ring! There is a long history of diamonds combining with romance, and people have been giving these rings for many years.


The History of Diamonds as Engagement Rings

In Europe the first recorded example of a diamond ring being given as a token for a betrothal was by the in 1477 when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy. From then on the diamond was regarded as the provenance of the wealthy and was far too expensive for the vast majority of the population.


However, in the 1930s, DeBeers, the diamond mining company, decided to promote diamonds as the premier stone for engagement rings and so the fantasy was born, or more precisely, was developed through marketing the idea. Soon in both the USA and Europe, men felt obliged to buy an engagement ring with at least one diamond in it.


The Dazzling Star Power of Diamond Engagement Rings

Hollywood certainly played a major part in growing the concept of diamond engagement rings. From novels, plays and then films, the diamond engagement ring was seen by millions as the only option when a man was proposing marriage to his girlfriend.


Not surprisingly, many diamond engagement rings are made in the same areas popular romance movies are set in. New York City, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and Hollywood are all places films are set, and all are places where you can buy beautiful diamond rings. Celebrities and ordinary people are both drawn to the unique romance and passion of diamond rings. There’s no one who can resist the passionate allure of a beautiful diamond ring.


Consequently, diamonds have an enduring popularity, and they will be a symbol of romance for years to come.

Pink diamond engagement ring Auckland
Pink diamond engagement ring

The Origin of the Word “Diamond”

However, diamonds were highly prized way before Archduke Maximillian got down on one knee to ask Mary for her hand in marriage. The Ancient Greeks viewed diamonds as being the ultimate in materials. They called a diamond, “adamas”, which translates as “unconquerable.” Clearly the Greeks regarded the stones as unbreakable which is one of the reasons they became so highly regarded and prized. In fact, diamonds are forever, as the saying goes.


Since that time, and maybe even before, people have sought diamonds often going to incredible lengths to obtain them. Many fortunes have been made and lives lost as people have endeavoured to mine them, trade them, and many have even stolen them. For example, another of the romantic notions surrounding diamonds is the tales of pirates sailing the seven seas to look for ships to raid for treasure chests of gold, jewellery and precious stones including diamonds. The image of buried treasure on a desert island is one which endures to this day.


However, in spite of the unending allure of the diamond, it isn’t as complex a stone as you might think. In fact, the stone is incredibly simple I nits make-up. It is made of pure carbon, from which coal and the common pencil. The lead in a pencil is not lead but is in fact carbon, the same element as a diamond. People have been drawn to diamonds for many reasons way beyond the complexity of the material itself. People have gone to great lengths to possess diamonds because of the unique magic these precious stones have.


Diamonds as a Symbol of Love

People have been giving each other symbols of their love since the beginning of time. One of the reasons that diamonds are such a popular symbol of love is that they have the potential to last forever. This of course is supposed to symbolize the eternity of love between a loving couple. Even in hundreds of years, a diamond ring will look as beautiful as it did on the day it as given. It’s the perfect symbol of timeless love.


Diamonds for Engagement Rings in Modern-day Auckland

Even though sailing is very popular in Auckland, it does not mean that couples have to sail the oceans to plunder or mine a diamond for their beloved. Obviously there are jewellers who can provide an engagement ring. As with all markets, there are different levels of quality and this is reflected in all aspects of a diamond engagement ring.


Rose gold engagement ring Auckland
Rose gold engagement ring

For example, there are different grades and colours of gold that can be used for the ring itself. In fact, gold is often not even chosen as the material for the ring with people frequently opting for platinum.   If you do choose gold there are different colours you can select such as rose gold.


However, with the diamond, there are many things you need to be aware of. These include the concept of the 4 Cs; the colour of the diamond, the clarity, the carat or weight, and finally the cut or shape. All of these will affect the fifth C, the cost.


While you do not need to become a qualified gemologist, a good jeweller will willingly explain each of these to you. Chain stores are unlikely to have the best diamonds and often use lower grade gold too so for the best in diamond engagement ring in Auckland, you should go along to a skilled fine jeweller. Orsini Jewellery in Parnell, Auckland, is one such firm. In fact the owner, Sarah is also a gemologist so you know you will be getting some outstanding advice from her.


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