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Tips from an Auckland Jeweller about Diamond Jewellery


18k white gold and diamond ringHistory has shown many ways cultures all around the world have used various forms of personal decoration. Jewellery is one such decoration that spans the tests of time and geography, but it does manifest itself in many ways, even more so in modern times. Choosing great pieces of jewellery, wearing them well and maintaining them takes more than passion. This is especially the case with expensive items that have precious stones like diamond jewellery. It helps to know a little bit about jewellery how to care for your valuables. The following paragraphs have some information to increase your knowledge that you can use an extend the life of your lovely diamond jewellery.


Clothing and diamond jewellery

Bright-coloured jewellery is a good choice to bring sparkle to your wardrobe. But you do need to be aware of the colour matches. You would not want to wear a ruby on a peacock blue dress. There are two combinations that will always work. One is matching up just about any stone with the black clothes in your wardrobe. If you have an old black blouse you love, you can breathe new life into the look with fresh accessories. Add a new dynamic to your appearance by letting the black cloth be a dark contrast to your new, bright jewellery.


The other combination of precious stones and clothes that you can rely on is diamond jewellery with anything. Diamonds go with any colour clothing and type of material you can think of. They simply do not clash with anything so you can be confident that whatever piece of diamond jewellery you buy, it will go with whatever you wear.


If you decide to buy premium jewellery, do not pay attention to fads. Look hard at any individual piece and consider whether it is going to be fashionable five or even ten years from now. Jewellery can actually prove a profitable investment over time. However, if any jewellery you get suddenly falls out of fashion favour, it’s monetary value plummets. So talk to an Auckland diamond jewellery designer like Orsini Fine Jewellery who can advise you on trends and styles.


Almost any outfit can benefit from the sparkle and bright feel that diamonds can add. Because of this, diamond jewellery proves quite flexible in its uses and applications. You can also set the stones in a variety of metals from silver, through the different colours of gold and on up to platinum. Silver’s touch is subtle, like white gold, which can balance out ensembles already rich in bold colour. For black evening wear, the right silver pieces can add class to your look for a night on the town.


More value from diamond jewellery

Heart-shaped stone ring
Heart-shaped stone ring

Let’s face it; not everyone can afford a big glittering diamond. You can either buy a lower grade stone or you can choose a fancy diamond shape. These are good choices if you prefer a sizable stone without the sticker shock. The human eye perceives custom-shaped diamonds as being bigger than the standard round brilliant cut ones. Rings featuring diamonds shaped like pears, hearts or ovals project an aura of length, and so look longer and larger to anyone looking at them. You can get away with buying a weight of fewer carats than a rounded diamond, and yet you still get some wow factor.


When you choose jewellery mindfully, you can wear it with pride knowing people will admire it too. Their appreciation will give you a boost of pride too. As you wear the ring, earring or diamond bracelet, it will bring back memories that you can carry for years.


If you want a special item of gold or platinum with precious stones, then choose some Orsini diamond jewellery; you will be very glad you did. The styles are both classic and contemporary so there is something for everyone’s taste and clothing style. You can always take along an item of clothing to see how particular pieces of diamond jewellery go with that material.


With luck, the advice within this article will assist everyone from jewellery makers, sellers and buyers in their search for Auckland diamond jewellery. You can find some expert and also caring advice from the staff at Orsini.

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