Finding Beautiful Eternity Rings in Auckland

Finding Beautiful Eternity Rings in Auckland

An eternity ring is a valuable ring normally made from precious metals and also often having some precious stones set in it as well. An eternity ring is traditionally a woman’s ring and will normally be various colours of gold or platinum. Normally diamonds, but sometimes rubies, emeralds, or other valuable gemstones may be included. A couple can choose a gem that has a special meaning to them.

However, the majority of eternity rings are a gold band with evenly cut diamonds set in them. While some rings have the stones all the way around, for the sake of convenience most only have the stones on the face. Some people refer to this setup as a half eternity ring, but for most other people it simply doesn’t make that much of a difference.

So what sets an eternity ring apart?

Auckland eternity ring sets
Auckland eternity ring sets

One of the first things is the intent. An eternity ring is a gift that a husband gets for a particularly important anniversary like a 20 or 30 year anniversary. This sets them apart because of the rare special occasions connection.

The history of eternity rings is a bit strange as there are examples of what might be called eternity rings as far back as the 1700s. These tended to have white topaz or a mix of stones rather than diamonds. However the current idea of an eternity ring was actually a marketing concept that famed diamond brand De Beers came up with in the 1960s after they had had so much success with the idea of diamonds for engagement rings back in the 1930s.

Before that time an eternity ring was not a consistent concept. The history of this ring actually becomes interesting because it ties up secret corporate work with some Cold War intrigue. The De Beers company wanted to keep the price of diamonds high, and the only way to do that was to control the majority of the world’s supplies.

Unfortunately for them Russia produced a massive amount of diamonds, which could potentially flood the market through other channels and cut down the price. So to stop Russian diamonds from flooding the market, De Beers had a secret agreement with the Soviet Union to buy nearly 90 or even 95% of the uncut diamonds that they produced.

This led to a major issue for De Beers since there was only so much space for stockpiling, and only so much money could be spent on gems that were not going to be used. The problem was that the style for engagement rings were to have one big diamond on a single band.

Eternity ring sets
Eternity ring sets

The Russian diamonds were not appropriate for these type of rings as they tended to produce a large number of very small diamonds. So the eternity ring was introduced as a means to bring in some income by selling a large quantity of small diamonds.

The Cold War is long since over, but the marketing campaign was so successful that to this day an eternity ring is still a common jewellery item. That means the campaign has been successful for over five decades, and let’s face it: getting a “special” gift for a “special” anniversary is a great tag line that puts the pressure on men to really go above and beyond to deliver.

Eternity rings are fairly consistent in how they are created, and it’s not just De Beers anymore. Virtually any jewellery store will talk about their selection of eternity rings and half-eternity rings. Many of these rings have an amazing number of diamonds put in.

Whatever your specific thoughts on jewellery in general, there’s no question that when an important anniversary comes up, buying an eternity ring makes one heck of an impression. This could be for a 10 year, a 20 year, or even a 25 year. Think of a year that adds that extra bit of attention, or even consider an odd year. Did you know each other for years before getting married? Choose one of those dates such as a 13th anniversary, but 20th year of friendship, etc.

This is a gift that cannot be forgotten.


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