Auckland business acquisitions lawyer

On Mergers And Acquisitions – How An Auckland Lawyer Helps In Due Diligence

Where there are mergers and acquisitions, you can expect to find lawyers doing due diligence work on behalf of their clients. But if you are like most people, you are probably wondering what exactly is the diligence work involved. We did a little research and found that there are certain due diligence areas that only lawyers can do. The following article can help you look for an Auckland lawyer for business acquisition.

The first one is the review of legal documents. By legal documents, we mean documents that make the target company a legal entity. If it’s a partnership, it would be the articles of incorporation, and if it’s a limited liability company, it would be the company formation documents. Because of the legal jargon used in these documents, only lawyers with corporate law experience would know how to decipher them.

Any company, whether a partnership, a limited liability company, even a sole trader, ought to have accounts, minutes of Annual General meetings, and memoranda. Other formal documents. include, company bylaws, the minutes of shareholder and board of director meetings, and outstanding warrants and option agreements. All of these need to be reviewed in due diligence by an experienced lawyer for business acquisitions.

The second area of concern in due diligence that lawyers tackle are the different agreements entered into with different third-parties. Legal agreements include all major contracts with distributors, suppliers, and customers, as well as confidentiality and non-compete agreements, intellectual property agreements, and equipment leases. Other agreements that need to be reviewed are insurance policies and real estate agreements such as property leases.

Auckland business acquisitions lawyerThe third area that corporate lawyers do in due diligence is a review of license and permits. The idea here is to determine whether or not the target company is in compliance with the local laws, and also, does the company have the right to use various products, trade marks, licences, and other key facets and assets that the business is offering for sale. For example, the buyer may want to purchase the rights to sell a brand in a particular area.  The owner may be saying that this is the case but your business acquisition lawyer will have to verify that this is the situation. They will also check to see how long that licence has to run. If it is going to expire in the near future and there is no right of renewal, then it will be worth a lot less than a licence that can be used for a number of years to come.

Other areas that are of special concern in due diligence work include the list of all major assets and liabilities, UCC liens, and customer problems.

The areas we mentioned above are the legal areas of concern that are tackled during due diligence work. There is one other area that is reviewed at the same time as the legal papers and it is the financial standing of the target company.

During due diligence work, income tax and GST returns are reviewed. But this is not the only part that is reviewed. Also reviewed are the financial statements and outstanding tax bills.  Again, if you are about to enter into a merger or acquisition deal, you should enlist the help of a business lawyer who has experience in all the areas we mentioned above. What the lawyers do is take a look at all the relevant documents to determine the overall health of the company and its financial standing.

Due diligence should not be overlooked as it can help the acquiring company avoid problems later on. If you need help in finding a business lawyer, you can go to websites like which is one the most respected Auckland lawyers for business acquisitions. They will be happy to help you with your proposed venture.

Auckland Jewellery replating

Considerations For Jewellery Repair

Great jewellery is not only nice to have to wear for a special occasion, but it is also an investment that you will want to take good care of. Jewellery of all kinds can make for a wonderful gift and a beautiful way to hallmark special

Replating jewellery in Auckland
Image Round brilliant diamond white gold ring

occasions or life events. When you find that you have pieces of jewellery that are in need of repair services, there are several things that you may want to take into consideration. Bringing your items in for repair will mean that you need to trust your repair professional so that you know you are in for a decent outcome.

Each piece of jewellery that you have is going to come along with its own set of demands and even a suggested schedule for cleaning. This cleaning schedule will often be based on how often you wear the piece as well as the type of metal or the gems that it is made of. For example, if you only wear a pair of pearl earrings around the holidays and you store it in a pouch for the rest of the year, you may not have to bring it in for yearly cleaning and repair. If you wear a piece more often, you are always opening yourself up to regular wear and tear that will call for a cleaning and for the piece to be looked over by a jewellery repair professional.

Whenever you have an item that is starting to break down or there is a portion that needs repair, going into a professional is going to be your best option. The professionals know how to care for all different types of jewellery and you are going to have the ability to get the care that your jewellery deserves. In the unfortunate event that you bring your jewellery items to the wrong person for repairs, you could end up finding that the piece could end up further damage. In an extreme case, you may not even get the item back with the original gemstones.

Whenever possible, bring along the certificate or dossier that came with your jewellery item at the time of purchase. This can be important information that will help the repair technician as they will have all of the details regarding the piece that they have to work on. Additionally, you may want to check to see if the repair department that you are working with takes photographs of the items that are being dropped off for repairs. While this simple step may seem frivolous, you should know that it is a good safety measure to help safeguard the items from potentially being mismatched.

Talk with your Auckland Jewellery repair service to see what can be done to clean your jewellery and evaluate the piece for any damage or potential for damage due to the way that it is being worn. Any quality jewellery repair professional will inform you if there are bent prongs, loose settings, scratches or anything else present that should be addressed to keep your jewellery in excellent condition.

For more details contact Orsini Fine Jewellery

Auckland coloured gemstones earrings

Coloured Gems For Jewellery With Personal Touch


Quartz Earrings
Quartz Earrings

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewellery to enhance a glamourous image of yourself and your outfit? Then I strongly recommend jewellery with coloured gem stones. We all know diamonds are the most popular and luxurious gemstones of all. However coloured gems are the ones that provide a personal touch which makes a difference. Coloured gemstones are beautiful, durable and elegant. They are excellent choice for engagement ring as an alternative for traditional gemstones. They are perfect choice for fashion conscious Kiwi women’s additional collection of fashion jewelleries whether it is a bracelet, earring or coloured gemstone ring.


So let’s take a look at what sort of coloured gems are available.


  1. Rubies. They are one of the most popular coloured gems. With their vibrant rich red colour, they provide image of passion, energy and love.


  1. Sapphires. Just like rubies, sapphires are another most popular coloured gem. They are beautiful and sophisticated with deep, rich blue colour, some of them have slight touch of greenish in them. You may be surprised but actually rubies and sapphires are originated from the same materials. Just because they are made from different elements each provides different colours, one vibrant red and the other deep ocean blue.


  1. Pink Diamonds. Pink diamonds are gaining increasing popularity in recent years. They are symbol of romance and love and popular among young couples and are especially popular in pink diamond rings. Their colour range from dark peony , fuchsia, cherry blossom and champagne colour.


  1. Green Diamonds. These gemstones with dark emerald colour provide mysterious and soothing touch in your jewellery.


  1. Yellow Diamonds. Yellow diamonds are other coloured gems which are gaining popularity recent years. The colour ranges are from rich canary, grapefruit, orange, honey to amber.


  1. Black Diamonds. If you are looking at really distinctive gemstone with strong personal touch, black diamonds are perfect for you. The colour ranges are from midnight black, ink black to smoky grey.


Each of these exotic coloured gems has unique colour palette and you can enhance each of their charm with various cuts and designs. Choose the design and cut which can express their vibrant colour and make the jewellery item something special for you.


It is amazing that nature has given us those incredible beautiful coloured gems. Colour is generally a quite personal thing and often related to your personality and emotions. So depends on the occasion and where you are in your life and how you are feeling, you can choose different colours. And of course you can coordinate different coloured gemstones with your outfit. That is a large part of fun when you have coloured gemstone jewellery.

Citrine Gemstone

However, for some people and different occasions, diamonds may not be the right stone in which case you may want to look at something like a blue topaz ring. This is a fantastic gem with a rich blue. Check out this ring.


There are quite a few jewellery shops offering coloured gemstone rings and other pieces of jewellery and some of them are specialising coloured gems. When you purchase gem stones it is the best to talk to specialist. You can purchase them on line and it is handy and easy way to buy them if you are looking at some casual fashion jewelleries. However, if it is for something really special, once in your life time occasion such as engagement or wedding and you are spending substantial amount of money, it is better you actually see the stones and jewellery with your own eyes and talk to the professionals before making purchase.


To start with, you can go online and take a look at all different types of coloured gemstones. Make a research about the gem, what colour range it has got, what kind of meaning the particular gem has got, how hard it is, what kind of cut and design are available with the coloured gem and of course the cost. Once you decided which coloured gem stone you would like for your jewellery piece, then try to find the renowned and reputable jewellery shop with reliable jewellery craftsman.


Then get yourself down to the shop and talk to the jeweller in person. In this case you need to find a high quality fine jeweller like Orsini Jewellers. You can list up everything you would like to know, every request and preference of yours including price range and take the list with you when you talk to the jeweller. Tell him your preferred choice of coloured gem and type of design and cut you would like. Also don’t forget to tell him for what purpose you would like to wear the jewellery. As a professional, he will be able to provide you with good advice, maybe suggest different gems with similar colour to suit better with your budget. Discuss with him thoroughly about the gems of your choice, colour range, cut, design, whether to combine with other gems, budget and so on until you are fully satisfied.

Purchasing new jewellery is always exciting experience and I can assure you that adding some coloured gemstone rings or other jewellery in your collection will be really gratifying.                  more details here.

Finding Beautiful Eternity Rings in Auckland

Finding Beautiful Eternity Rings in Auckland

An eternity ring is a valuable ring normally made from precious metals and also often having some precious stones set in it as well. An eternity ring is traditionally a woman’s ring and will normally be various colours of gold or platinum. Normally diamonds, but sometimes rubies, emeralds, or other valuable gemstones may be included. A couple can choose a gem that has a special meaning to them.

However, the majority of eternity rings are a gold band with evenly cut diamonds set in them. While some rings have the stones all the way around, for the sake of convenience most only have the stones on the face. Some people refer to this setup as a half eternity ring, but for most other people it simply doesn’t make that much of a difference.

So what sets an eternity ring apart?

Auckland eternity ring sets
Auckland eternity ring sets

One of the first things is the intent. An eternity ring is a gift that a husband gets for a particularly important anniversary like a 20 or 30 year anniversary. This sets them apart because of the rare special occasions connection.

The history of eternity rings is a bit strange as there are examples of what might be called eternity rings as far back as the 1700s. These tended to have white topaz or a mix of stones rather than diamonds. However the current idea of an eternity ring was actually a marketing concept that famed diamond brand De Beers came up with in the 1960s after they had had so much success with the idea of diamonds for engagement rings back in the 1930s.

Before that time an eternity ring was not a consistent concept. The history of this ring actually becomes interesting because it ties up secret corporate work with some Cold War intrigue. The De Beers company wanted to keep the price of diamonds high, and the only way to do that was to control the majority of the world’s supplies.

Unfortunately for them Russia produced a massive amount of diamonds, which could potentially flood the market through other channels and cut down the price. So to stop Russian diamonds from flooding the market, De Beers had a secret agreement with the Soviet Union to buy nearly 90 or even 95% of the uncut diamonds that they produced.

This led to a major issue for De Beers since there was only so much space for stockpiling, and only so much money could be spent on gems that were not going to be used. The problem was that the style for engagement rings were to have one big diamond on a single band.

Eternity ring sets
Eternity ring sets

The Russian diamonds were not appropriate for these type of rings as they tended to produce a large number of very small diamonds. So the eternity ring was introduced as a means to bring in some income by selling a large quantity of small diamonds.

The Cold War is long since over, but the marketing campaign was so successful that to this day an eternity ring is still a common jewellery item. That means the campaign has been successful for over five decades, and let’s face it: getting a “special” gift for a “special” anniversary is a great tag line that puts the pressure on men to really go above and beyond to deliver.

Eternity rings are fairly consistent in how they are created, and it’s not just De Beers anymore. Virtually any jewellery store will talk about their selection of eternity rings and half-eternity rings. Many of these rings have an amazing number of diamonds put in.

Whatever your specific thoughts on jewellery in general, there’s no question that when an important anniversary comes up, buying an eternity ring makes one heck of an impression. This could be for a 10 year, a 20 year, or even a 25 year. Think of a year that adds that extra bit of attention, or even consider an odd year. Did you know each other for years before getting married? Choose one of those dates such as a 13th anniversary, but 20th year of friendship, etc.

This is a gift that cannot be forgotten.


Orsini Jewellery is one of Auckland’s leading suppliers of beautiful eternity rings. You can get more info here.


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Jewellery For Brides

Jewellery For Brides To Suit The Wedding Gown

White gold wedding ring
White gold wedding ring

Jewellery is an integral part of every bride’s outfit. However, quite often brides do not understand the importance of matching their jewellery to their wedding gown or outfit. Appropriate designs in necklaces, earrings and bracelets can add glamour to your wedding outfit as well as your look as a whole. This article will provide some important information in choosing the best jewellery for brides to match one’s wedding gown.

Your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. Most people will have only one wedding during their lifetime. Hence everything you wear on this special occasion must match your own personal style. In fact, most of you plan to wear the wedding ring for a lifetime. This is why you need to pay close attention to the selection process of your jewellery . The jewellery should match your wedding gown as well as the shoes you wear on that special day.

There are some important tips to consider when purchasing the wedding necklace. If you plan to wear a round necked wedding dress, a slim and sagging necklace will be the best choice. A slim necklace with a delicate pendant is a great selection in this scenario. A big neckline warrants a much longer necklace. A bigger pendant will go great for such a necklace. Off-shoulder gowns call for more ornamentation. A short necklace and an appropriate pendant will match a wedding gown with a strapless top. The colour of your jewellery should be matched to the wedding gown as well as the shoes. You need to pay close attention to this detail during your special occasion.
A wedding gown with a low neckline is compensated with gold earrings. Chandelier or long looped earrings are a great match for bare shoulder dresses. If the dress has puffy sleeves, wear small earrings to match it. Sparkly earrings will add glamour to a formal wedding ceremony. Various kinds of crystals can enhance your stunning looks. If you are having a casual wedding ceremony, silver coloured earrings are the best choice in this regard. The bracelet also need to match the colour and style of your wedding gown.

Even though there are numerous jewellery shops in Auckland, not all of them are created equal. This is why you need to conduct extensive research on the best jewellery shops like Orsini Jewellers before going out to purchase wedding jewellery. The material used in manufacturing the jewellery will play an important role in the pricing of such jewellery . Choose bridal jewellery to match your appearance.

Apart from designs and shapes, bridal jewellery comes in various types of metals. You can select the best metal in accordance with your budget and personal preferences. The choice of the metal and its colour such as more details will most depend on the colour and style of your wedding outfit. The bride’s skin tone also will play a big role in selecting the best bridal Jewellery for her wedding.

3 Coloured gold wedding ring
3 Coloured gold wedding ring

Gold is one of the most popular and common metals used for jewellery for brides. In fact in more details is most commonly made from gold, especially yellow gold. If you are unable to afford gold jewellery, there are many other options for you. Gold-plated jewellery is one such option. It is a fairly cheap option for people who are planning their wedding on a shoestring budget. Yellow gold is the most popular choice when it comes to gold jewellery. But the white gold trend is also picking up quite fast. There is some jewellery which are manufactured by mixing white and yellow gold and do not forget rose gold which can be really attractive on certain fabrics.

Platinum is an expensive choice as a metal for wedding jewellery for brides. The strength and non-allergic properties of platinum has made it a popular choice among many wedding planners today. Sterling silver is another economical choice for people looking for cheap bridal jewellery. The sheen of silver has made it an up and coming trend in some current weddings. But extra care and maintenance are required for silver which makes people rethink before purchasing any jewellery for brides made from this material. Brass, copper and tungsten are some of the other options for materials for bridal jewellery.

The aforementioned are some of the most important tips for choosing jewellery for brides to match the wedding gown but you can get more details.

Auckland Jeweller About Diamond Jewellery

Tips from an Auckland Jeweller about Diamond Jewellery


18k white gold and diamond ringHistory has shown many ways cultures all around the world have used various forms of personal decoration. Jewellery is one such decoration that spans the tests of time and geography, but it does manifest itself in many ways, even more so in modern times. Choosing great pieces of jewellery, wearing them well and maintaining them takes more than passion. This is especially the case with expensive items that have precious stones like diamond jewellery. It helps to know a little bit about jewellery how to care for your valuables. The following paragraphs have some information to increase your knowledge that you can use an extend the life of your lovely diamond jewellery.


Clothing and diamond jewellery

Bright-coloured jewellery is a good choice to bring sparkle to your wardrobe. But you do need to be aware of the colour matches. You would not want to wear a ruby on a peacock blue dress. There are two combinations that will always work. One is matching up just about any stone with the black clothes in your wardrobe. If you have an old black blouse you love, you can breathe new life into the look with fresh accessories. Add a new dynamic to your appearance by letting the black cloth be a dark contrast to your new, bright jewellery.


The other combination of precious stones and clothes that you can rely on is diamond jewellery with anything. Diamonds go with any colour clothing and type of material you can think of. They simply do not clash with anything so you can be confident that whatever piece of diamond jewellery you buy, it will go with whatever you wear.


If you decide to buy premium jewellery, do not pay attention to fads. Look hard at any individual piece and consider whether it is going to be fashionable five or even ten years from now. Jewellery can actually prove a profitable investment over time. However, if any jewellery you get suddenly falls out of fashion favour, it’s monetary value plummets. So talk to an Auckland diamond jewellery designer like Orsini Fine Jewellery who can advise you on trends and styles.


Almost any outfit can benefit from the sparkle and bright feel that diamonds can add. Because of this, diamond jewellery proves quite flexible in its uses and applications. You can also set the stones in a variety of metals from silver, through the different colours of gold and on up to platinum. Silver’s touch is subtle, like white gold, which can balance out ensembles already rich in bold colour. For black evening wear, the right silver pieces can add class to your look for a night on the town.


More value from diamond jewellery

Heart-shaped stone ring
Heart-shaped stone ring

Let’s face it; not everyone can afford a big glittering diamond. You can either buy a lower grade stone or you can choose a fancy diamond shape. These are good choices if you prefer a sizable stone without the sticker shock. The human eye perceives custom-shaped diamonds as being bigger than the standard round brilliant cut ones. Rings featuring diamonds shaped like pears, hearts or ovals project an aura of length, and so look longer and larger to anyone looking at them. You can get away with buying a weight of fewer carats than a rounded diamond, and yet you still get some wow factor.


When you choose jewellery mindfully, you can wear it with pride knowing people will admire it too. Their appreciation will give you a boost of pride too. As you wear the ring, earring or diamond bracelet, it will bring back memories that you can carry for years.


If you want a special item of gold or platinum with precious stones, then choose some Orsini diamond jewellery; you will be very glad you did. The styles are both classic and contemporary so there is something for everyone’s taste and clothing style. You can always take along an item of clothing to see how particular pieces of diamond jewellery go with that material.


With luck, the advice within this article will assist everyone from jewellery makers, sellers and buyers in their search for Auckland diamond jewellery. You can find some expert and also caring advice from the staff at Orsini.

The website by the way is

Auckland Designer Jewellery

Choosing The Perfect Piece Of Jewellery By An Auckland Designer

Choosing and buying the perfect and best jewellery can be difficult for most people. However; if you do proper research, things can be a lot easier especially if you know the kind of metal, precious stone and even the price that you want and can afford. Of course, let us also not forget on what the jewellery is for; will it be for everyday use or for special occasions. Here is how an Auckland jewellery designer can help you in choosing the perfect jewellery.

Auckland Jewellery designerFirst, it is very important not to wear fake yellow jewellery. Remember, that if you often wear them, they will tarnish and will leave dark green stain on your skin that is very difficult to remove. This stain usually appears when you sweat which creates this dark green mark on your.

There are websites that sell a vast selection of handmade jewellery pieces such as TradeMe. Although the pieces are unique and maybe one-of-a-kind, you ought to be careful because some of the pieces are bought in bulk and are sold and tagged as unique. You may be quite surprised to know that there are a lot of people that are wearing it too. On the other hand, if you don’t mind getting a common piece of jewellery, make sure that you have read reviews from different websites so that you can get the best quality and price.

It would also be best to wait for storewide sale rather than buying promotional pieces. Most often, you can get up to 50% off on sale items from an Auckland jewellery shop. Aside from that, you can also wait for seasonal or holiday sale from your favorite Auckland jewellery designer Orsini who had a special sale to celebrate their six years in business. Yes, it is true that you may be paying more compared to those jewellery that are sold in bulk during storewide sale. However, you can be sure that it is what you really like. This way, you can get the best value for your money knowing that it is the perfect piece that you really wanted.

If you want to give jewellery on special occasions to your loved ones, it may be ideal to find simple pieces and every time you give another gift, you can add more to what you have given before. For instance, you can give your loved one a basic necklace for his birthday and for upcoming holiday; you can give him another gift such as a pendant which he can use together with the necklace that you gave him before. This is a great thing to do since you will no longer have as much difficulty in choosing a gift.

Gold jewellery designs are generally thought of as being the best and most glamorous. But do not ignore other metals. For example, silver jewellery may be cheap compared to other metals such and platinum. However, it is very versatile and you can use them with almost every item of clothing that you have. What makes it so good is that it gives a simple and subtle sparkle which can add glamour and sophistication.

Designer jewellery AucklandCleaning your jewellery is also very important; this way, you can keep its beauty. All you need to do is to rub it with soft cloth to avoid scratching the piece. Removing your jewellery when you are doing your chores at home is also suggested so that it will not get any residue from cleaning agents that can affect its appearance.

If you wish to choose the perfect jewellery for you, make sure to follow these guidelines and for sure, in no time, you will get the best one for you. Always remember not to rush when buying an item and get some advice from an Auckland jewellery designer. You will not regret it.

Video showing Auckland gold jewellery designers

Finding the Ideal Engagement Ring

Finding the Ideal Engagement Ring

If you have decided that you are ready to ask your girlfriend to marry you, it is likely that you have a great deal of plans to make for instance, when and where you will propose to her. However, the biggest question most men have is how to select the ideal engagement ring that will let her know how special she is. If you fall into this category, there are a few things you can keep in mind to help you find the perfect ring for your beloved.z


If there is a family heirloom ring that would make a perfect engagement ring, you may consider asking the woman in your family who owns it if you may use it for the big event. If not, you may still want to consider using an antique ring. These are often quite lovely and can be less expensive than a brand new ring.

Video about 3 stone engagement ring

However, if you are looking to buy a new one, there are many things that you need to take into consideration when finding an engagement ring. For instance, what type of stone should be in the centre of the ring? While diamonds are the traditional choice, these can be quite expensive. If money is a factor, you may want to find one with her birthstone or other favourite stone in the centre that is flanked by two diamonds.


It is said that your budget should be around two months of your monthly salary. However, for some men, this can be quite costly. Finding ways to trim the budget while still selecting a ring that she will love, is possible. The first thing you need to consider is applying for credit at the local jewellery store. This option can allow you to purchase a more expensive ring without having to save a great deal of money in advance.


If she knows that you are considering asking her to marry you, you may want to bring your girlfriend along to buy the ring. While this is less romantic than asking her unexpectedly, it ensures that you get a ring that will be ideal for her. If you are going this route, talk to the jeweller in advance and let them know what your budget is. This way they can have several rings preselected that fall within the amount of money you are comfortable spending on the engagement ring. This will save you from having her view rings that you cannot afford.


If you want it to be a surprise, you may want to ask her best friend, sister or mother to come along to the jewellery store with you. It is highly likely that the women closest to her will know her taste in clothes and jewellery. Women talk about these topics and so her friend will have a good idea of what type and engagement ring design she has always dreamed of being given. Make certain that the person knows that it is going to be a surprise and let them know when you plan on popping the question so they do not accidentally let her know beforehand.


Before you actually buy a ring, make certain that go to a respected jeweller. It is a considerable expense and you want to be sure that you are buying exactly what you are led to believe. Since most people do not have extensive knowledge regarding gold or diamonds, this is one way to ensure that you are not ripped off. A go to find a highly regarded jewellery firm is to look online and check out any reviews they might or testimonials about engagement rings on their website.

Auckland engagement ring

Another thing to bear in mind is that you will need to have the ring insured. This should not only be for loss but also to cover any damage too. You can have the ring regularly inspected and any bent prongs or other issues repaired immediately.


Asking your girlfriend for her hand in marriage is a big deal. When you take the time to select the right engagement ring for her, it lets her know about the type of dedication you are promising her for the rest of your lives.


For diamond engagement rings in Auckland, you can try this company. Orsini Fine Jewellery

Choosing An Engagement Ring in Auckland

For many people, the prospect of choosing an engagement ring seems daunting, especially if they don’t know where to start. With the wide variety of styles, themes, cuts, stones, carats and settings, it can seem like maze of information that makes no sense. Understanding the basics, and adding it to your knowledge of the person you love will help you find the perfect ring that will not only say “I Love You”, but will let them know that you see them and truly know who they are.

Diamond engagement ringBefore you delve into learning all the terminology, it’s a good idea to have a solid notion of what your loved one likes, their personal tastes, as well as causes that are dear to their hearts. You might wonder why that matters, but, the fact is that an engagement ring does more than say ‘will you marry me’, it can be an example of just how well you know the person you are proposing to. If your girl is big in human rights, buying them a diamond that might be a blood diamond would be a big mistake, while opting for a possibly less costly, but more appropriate non-diamond ring from a developed country would be more to her liking.

There was a time when an engagement ring was traditionally a solitaire diamond, but that is no longer the case. Rings come in all shapes and sizes, with non-diamond and theme engagement rings being some of the most requested. If you and your love share a passion, choosing an engagement ring, or ring set, that commemorates that hobby or joint interest might be a great option.

The person’s personality, and personal style should also play a role when selecting an engagement ring, and while some women might prefer a simpler, sleeker style, there are some that would much prefer a vintage style engagement ring, with an encrusted setting. If their profession requires them work with their hands, or nor wear jewelry, take that into consideration as well, and you might want to purchase a necklace for them to wear the ring on at work to avoid losing it.

One way to get some ideas is to pay attention to the type of rings they point out in jewelry stores or online. Keep a look out for the cut and styles they like, so you can find something similar to surprise them with. This will show that you care and listened to them, paying attention to their personal taste, a good sign that you really do love them.

Now, once you have decided on a general look and feel for the engagement ring, you’ll need to settle on the details and learn some of the terminology. This will help make shopping for the ring much less confusing, and will help ensure you get what you are looking for.

The cut, refers to the shape of the stone, and the angles. There are many different cuts available, with the most common being cushion and princess cut. The next most important thing is the size of the stone, this measurement is called carats.

The setting refers to the ring that holds the central stone, and there are also a wide variety of styles to choose from. If you don’t think the person you hope to marry would like a diamond, consider a ruby, sapphire, or pearl engagement ring. These can be just as valuable, or more so, and are a beautiful unique alternative to diamonds.

Princess-cut diamond ringPerhaps the biggest problem is actually finding a place to start. This is especially daunting for those people who do not regularly buy items of jewellery. There are plenty of Auckland diamond engagement rings to choose from. You can go to chain stores if you want a simple choice but the issue with these places is that any ring you buy from them will be available in hundreds or even thousands. For many people this is not a problem, having the same ring as lots of other women. However some people prefer something a bit more unusual or exclusive, try a jewellery designer in Auckland such as Orsini Fine Jewellery.

Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision, but, with a little research and fore thought you can be sure to find you love the perfect ring and get the ‘Yes’ you deserve!

The Unique Romance of Diamond Engagement Rings

The Unique Romance of Diamond Engagement Rings


When you speak to people about diamond engagement rings there are various emotions that will be associated with these precious gems. These emotions will include among many things, intrigue, romance, and passion. Indeed, these three feelings are used as the basis for many romantic novels and movies over the years. They have been used throughout history to create thoughts and ideas in the minds of storytellers and listeners alike. These days, a man certainly needs more than a little passion if he is going to spend thousands of dollars on a single ring! There is a long history of diamonds combining with romance, and people have been giving these rings for many years.


The History of Diamonds as Engagement Rings

In Europe the first recorded example of a diamond ring being given as a token for a betrothal was by the in 1477 when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy. From then on the diamond was regarded as the provenance of the wealthy and was far too expensive for the vast majority of the population.


However, in the 1930s, DeBeers, the diamond mining company, decided to promote diamonds as the premier stone for engagement rings and so the fantasy was born, or more precisely, was developed through marketing the idea. Soon in both the USA and Europe, men felt obliged to buy an engagement ring with at least one diamond in it.


The Dazzling Star Power of Diamond Engagement Rings

Hollywood certainly played a major part in growing the concept of diamond engagement rings. From novels, plays and then films, the diamond engagement ring was seen by millions as the only option when a man was proposing marriage to his girlfriend.


Not surprisingly, many diamond engagement rings are made in the same areas popular romance movies are set in. New York City, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and Hollywood are all places films are set, and all are places where you can buy beautiful diamond rings. Celebrities and ordinary people are both drawn to the unique romance and passion of diamond rings. There’s no one who can resist the passionate allure of a beautiful diamond ring.


Consequently, diamonds have an enduring popularity, and they will be a symbol of romance for years to come.

Pink diamond engagement ring Auckland
Pink diamond engagement ring

The Origin of the Word “Diamond”

However, diamonds were highly prized way before Archduke Maximillian got down on one knee to ask Mary for her hand in marriage. The Ancient Greeks viewed diamonds as being the ultimate in materials. They called a diamond, “adamas”, which translates as “unconquerable.” Clearly the Greeks regarded the stones as unbreakable which is one of the reasons they became so highly regarded and prized. In fact, diamonds are forever, as the saying goes.


Since that time, and maybe even before, people have sought diamonds often going to incredible lengths to obtain them. Many fortunes have been made and lives lost as people have endeavoured to mine them, trade them, and many have even stolen them. For example, another of the romantic notions surrounding diamonds is the tales of pirates sailing the seven seas to look for ships to raid for treasure chests of gold, jewellery and precious stones including diamonds. The image of buried treasure on a desert island is one which endures to this day.


However, in spite of the unending allure of the diamond, it isn’t as complex a stone as you might think. In fact, the stone is incredibly simple I nits make-up. It is made of pure carbon, from which coal and the common pencil. The lead in a pencil is not lead but is in fact carbon, the same element as a diamond. People have been drawn to diamonds for many reasons way beyond the complexity of the material itself. People have gone to great lengths to possess diamonds because of the unique magic these precious stones have.


Diamonds as a Symbol of Love

People have been giving each other symbols of their love since the beginning of time. One of the reasons that diamonds are such a popular symbol of love is that they have the potential to last forever. This of course is supposed to symbolize the eternity of love between a loving couple. Even in hundreds of years, a diamond ring will look as beautiful as it did on the day it as given. It’s the perfect symbol of timeless love.


Diamonds for Engagement Rings in Modern-day Auckland

Even though sailing is very popular in Auckland, it does not mean that couples have to sail the oceans to plunder or mine a diamond for their beloved. Obviously there are jewellers who can provide an engagement ring. As with all markets, there are different levels of quality and this is reflected in all aspects of a diamond engagement ring.


Rose gold engagement ring Auckland
Rose gold engagement ring

For example, there are different grades and colours of gold that can be used for the ring itself. In fact, gold is often not even chosen as the material for the ring with people frequently opting for platinum.   If you do choose gold there are different colours you can select such as rose gold.


However, with the diamond, there are many things you need to be aware of. These include the concept of the 4 Cs; the colour of the diamond, the clarity, the carat or weight, and finally the cut or shape. All of these will affect the fifth C, the cost.


While you do not need to become a qualified gemologist, a good jeweller will willingly explain each of these to you. Chain stores are unlikely to have the best diamonds and often use lower grade gold too so for the best in diamond engagement ring in Auckland, you should go along to a skilled fine jeweller. Orsini Jewellery in Parnell, Auckland, is one such firm. In fact the owner, Sarah is also a gemologist so you know you will be getting some outstanding advice from her.


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